Cocktail Jewelry

I often have women come into my store wondering what they should wear with their cocktail dress. First, I’d take a look at the dress and go from there. Choosing the right cocktail jewelry all depends on what the dress looks like and its features. Neckline, detailing, color, sparkles, etc. 
Let’s call our shopper Maria. Maria is invited to a wedding and doesn’t know what jewelry she needs to style with her dress. The dress is pink with spaghetti straps and an open chest.. what do we do? 
Normally, with this kind of dress, I would recommend a statement earring, 1-2 rings of your choice and a nice bracelet. Believe it or not, a necklace might take away from the dress. But if you insist on wearing something around your neck, I’d go with a simple stacking chain. The most popular chain out there has go to be the good ole herringbone chain. So versatile, so classy and can pair with almost anything. It’s clean and won’t distract from the dress. Now if Maria had a dress with a different neck line, that may alter her decision. 
Next.. what earrings? I recommend a chunky, statement earring. In my store, we offer the Endymion Earrings which are big and statement and so obviously fits in the cocktail jewelry category. They jazz up any fit and would be perfect for cocktail attire! 
We also offer these beautiful, drop gem earrings called the Gala Drop Earrings! Perfect for a cocktail party or wedding. 
One thing I would say is that hoops are not cocktail jewelry. Hoops are a casual, everyday earring and do not go with cocktail attire. 
Now bracelets! I always recommend a bangle or a cuff. Do not stack your bracelets. One bangle or cuff is fine. Trust me!! 
Lastly, let’s talk rings! Choose 1-2 rings of your choice, or maybe just 1 statement ring. Definitely do not wear more than 3 rings.

To conclude, some jewelry fits in the category of cocktail jewlery and some do not. Always choose your dress first and then go from there. Any detail of the dress could alter your decision making! To make it easier, always choose a good statement earring, a simple bracelet and 1 good ring. Hope this helps!!