Stacking tips!

Let’s talk stacking! 
There’s so many different ways to stack and there’s really no right or wrong way. You can stack your necklaces, chains, rings, bracelets and earrings! 
Let’s dive in on some tips on stacking your necklaces and chains. 
Step 1: I always recommend you start with your favorite basic stacking chain at 14”. I recommend a herringbone chain or a thin cuban chain. Really anything goes. All textures mix.
Step 2: Add another chain or finish your stack with a pendant necklace at 16” or 18”. 
Let’s say we add another chain. I’d recommend something a little more chunkier like a rope chain or a thicker cuban chain. Make sure this length sits a few inches away from the first stacking chain. Preferably at 16”.
Step 3: Add your pendant necklace! 
Choose your favorite necklace to layer on top of the chains. I’d recommend this chain be the longest at 18” or 20”. 
If you chose two thinner stacking chains, I’d stick with something more on the dainty side. If you chose two thicker stacking chains, I’d stick with something more on the chunkier side. 
Remember.. dainty with dainty.. chunky with chunky.